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This website will teach you to learn Nepali - the official language of Nepal and link to additional Nepali resource. Please be patient for new lessons in Nepali.


Are you having problems with Nepali Display?

The Nepali text is being displayed in Unicode (UTF-8) Format. Your browser needs to be capable of displaying it. Look at the sample Text below.

Sample Text:

नेपाल चार जात छत्तिस वर्णको साझा फूलवारी हो ।

The Browser Sample Text above should look similar to the image of the Sample Text below.

Sample Text

If the Sample Text on top is not displayed correctly, then either indic language support has not been enabled, or you need to download and install Unicode Nepali (or Devanagari) font. By enabling the Indic language support, you can view, type, name files/folders, and do other neat stuffs in Nepali. If you do not want to type, but just want to view the pages, you can download the Unicode Devanagari fonts.

WIndows 2000/XP users CONTINUE Here to VIEW and TYPE in NEPALI Unicode Format

Other Users download the fonts Here:

Operating systems other than Windows 2000 and Windows XP may not be able to display the characters properly. The short 'i' and conjunct letters appear incorrectly. There might be other limitations as well.

[If you have a licensed MS Windows 2000/XP, you can Use Mangal font provided by Microsoft.]

Download Unicode Raghu Font | Raghu Font in Zip Format
[Raghu font has been designed and developed for public domain by R. K. Joshi.]

Download Unicode SiddhiUni Font | SiddhiUni Font in Zip Format
[SiddhiUni font beta is provided by Unlimit Software in Kathmandu.]

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